Financial support

Financial support - help for farmers

Sub-measure 6.2 “non-agricultural business activity in the rural areas support”

Who can apply for the support?

Any person that is a subject of full range social contributions for farmers continuingly for a minimum of 12 months up to the day of submission.

How much?


Application’s terms

15.10.2018 – 13.11.2018

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UE loan – Silesian development

The applicant:

Micro, small and medium businesses that run development ventures in the silesian area.  In case of any doubts about the area of activities the decision will be made upon the main business’ address and place of work.


Development loan: 50.000 – 1.000.000

Turnover loan:50.000 – 200.000

Turnover-investment loan: 50.000- 1.000.000

Market research – a contest dedicated to medium cities’ projects

3.2.1market research, intelligent development

For who?

Micro, small and medium companies that run their business activities in Poland

How much?

Grant level:

Maximum grant level is 70% and includes:

  • Experimental development works:
  • 35% of qualified costs for medium businesses
  • 45% of qualified costs for micro and small businesses
  • Consultings: 50% of qualified costs

Maximum de minimis  support for settling and maintaining  advance payment security is 70%

Application terms:

20.03.18 – 05.12.18

Minimum contribution:

30-80% (accordingly to possible support level)

The minimum value of the project’s qualified costs is 5.000.000

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Industrial research and development works support

1.2 sectorial programmes B+R, intelligent development

For who?

Companies or company consortiums ( consisting of companies only)

Only for projects realized outside the mazovian vovoideship

How much?

Grant level:

Industrial research and development works:

For micro and small business:

70-80% of qualified costs in terms of industrial research and

45-60% of qualified costs in terms of development works

For medium businesses:

60-75% of qualified costs in terms of industrial research and

35-50% of qualified costs in terms of development works

For non MŚP businesses:

50-65 of qualified costs in terms of industrial research and

25-40% of qualified costs In terms of development works

Application terms:

03.08.18 – 02.10.18

Minimum contribution:

20-75% (accordingly to possible support level)

Project value:

The maximum value of the qualified costs for a project is 40mln pln

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Research, development and innovations in businesses

1.2 RPO WSL action:


Creation or development of exploratory-developmental infrastructure In businesses,  industrial research and development works support

For who?

Businesses, expedient partnerships/spin off established by public research institutions and businesses, company consortiums and research units, company and academy consortiums (including academy expedient partnerships), company and research institutes consortiums, agreements of all of the above represented by leaders.

How much?

Grant level: up to 100%

Minimum contribution:

Minimum contribution depends on  the support’s legal basis

Application terms:

28.09.18 – 15.01.19

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Project for micro, small and medium businesses that implement innovative production technologies or services

The support will be granted for projects that display innovative products or services on a national scale. The contest is aimed for the production sector.

Activity 3.2.2 “technological innovations credit”

A support for the MŚP entrepreneurs’ projects that implement innovative technologies.

Application terms: 8.10.18 – 29.04.19


Small and medium businesses (MŚP) and micro businesses

How much:

The maximum grant (technological premium) paid by the European regional development fund is 6mil zł

For what:

  • Fixed assets or their creation
  • Property purchase
  • Purchase of the intangible ang legal assets in the form of patents, licenses and know-how
  • Production hall construction or expansion plus purchase of land
  • Purchase of machinery and equipment
  • Maximum grant value is 6mil PLN
  • Maximum grant level is 70%

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Industrial research and development works performed by MŚP businesses.

Sub-activity 1.1.1.”industrial research and development works performed by POIR businesses”  covers the support provided to projects based on performing exploratory-developmental works in order to elaborate innovative products, services or technologies.

The grant covers ongoing projects  at the stage of industrial research leading to a prototype creation and validation

  • Grant for industrial research is 80%
  • Grant for development works is 60%
  • Application’s assessment time is 60 days

The fund’s pool is 700mil

Application terms: 16.08 – 14.12

Who can apply?

Any MSP entrepreneurs

How much?

Maximum grant is 50.000.000.pln

For what?

The subject of the grant may include:

  • Salary for Researchers, constructors and labourers
  • Amortization, rental or lease of laboratory equipment used in the project
  • Amortization or rental of properties in which the project is being performed
  • Subcontracting
  • Operational costs


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Development loan

Development loan can be obtained for:

  • Purchase, installation and integration of new fixed assets, like machinery, devices and tools
  • Software purchase for new fixed assets
  • Software integration with existing IT/machinery system

You can take part in the programme if:

  • You are a micro or small entrepreneur
  • You perform your business activities in Poland
  • You perform your business activities for a minimum of 2 years
  • You have got an officially approved financial statement for a minimum of last 3 years (balance, P&L) or if you run your business for less than 3 years – a minimum of last 2 years

Check the loan’s conditions:

– maximum loan value is 500.000,00 and minimum is 100.000,00zł

– the loan’s cost cannot exceed 80% of planned NET costs, therefore there is a minimum contribution required, which is no less than 20% of planned NET costs.

– the loan is granted for a period of up to 60 months. There is a possible grace period that cannot exceed 9 months during the whole repayment period.


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